When it’s time

It's time. Today's banner is just a brief glimpse of what I'm about to reveal, but it shows a powerful image and is quite telling when it comes to the nature of my book - especially the title. After all, what right does the pawn have to triumph over the kings and queens? Isn't the... Continue Reading →

Journey to the Past

(And if you just began to sing that song from the movie - now musical - Anastasia, I applaud you, because I'm doing the same thing.) In fewer than seven weeks, my second book, Villain, will be released. But in a way, it's hard to believe that Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac was only released... Continue Reading →

Beware the Ides of…

... January? Because it's really freaking cold here. I'm not a fan of this. But seriously, you all know the rest of the real statement. It just wouldn't feel right to forgo a mention of March 15 when I'm posting a blog on this day. Anyhow, down to business. Coming soon - and I do... Continue Reading →

Accidental Involvement

Apologies for the long wait between blogs. I've returned to college to earn yet another degree, and between that and my time writing this book (as well as participating in several anthologies), I'm often - well, to be honest, damn exhausted at the end of the day. But my newest book, Villain, will be here... Continue Reading →

An excerpt from Villain

Happy Thursday, everyone! I have been working tirelessly on Villain - my upcoming second book, which is a nonfiction collection of essays put together by myself and the alters who reside inside my head - as well as on a short story for an upcoming YA spring anthology and a short story for an upcoming... Continue Reading →

Something is coming…

...and it may not be exactly what it appears to be (as the image above would demonstrate). But first of all, I want to wish everyone a happy 2018, and hope that the beginning of this new year has been good to and for you! It's nice to be back to my blog, and I... Continue Reading →

Endings and beginnings

Here we are - December 20, 2017. I cannot remember the last time I posted a blog, but to be honest, my life hasn't been that exciting. Unless people would like to hear about my fascination with two TV series (Battlestar Galactica and Lucifer - I could write a book on those two shows, though,... Continue Reading →

When words fail

Honestly, this image should be of a closed laptop, because that's mostly how mine has been for about a week. But I'll get back to that in a moment. Let's begin with something good. Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac is NOW ON SALE! Yes, today is the day. For $1.99, the entire 457 page book... Continue Reading →

The price you pay

I survived surgery (so I'm not writing from beyond the grave. Sorry, enemies). It wasn't even touch-and-go, minus a very brief allergic reaction that was handled back in PACU with an enormous dose of Benadryl (and some Versed to try to make me forget about it - I didn't, though, because aspiration happens to be... Continue Reading →

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