28 years old 2010

A.E. Hayes is a published author who has been featured under various pseudonyms in myriad anthologies, poetry collections, music magazines, and newspapers. Her memoir, Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac was released September 2017 and became a #1 best-seller in medical memoir. Her second book, Villain, a collection of nonfiction essays, was released May 15, 2018 and was also a #1 memoir, this time in Dissociative Disorders and Philosophy. A.E.’s newest short story, “Her First Fever,” was included in the YA anthology Love at the Edge of Seventeen. Before that, she had short stories published in the anthologies Love Across the Universe, Crazy Little Spring Called Love, and Idol Meanderings. She is currently working on her eighth novel, The Solitude of Light – a modern-day spin on Dante’s The Inferno, told from Lucifer’s icy, imprisoned perspective – as well as working on a thriller that takes place in a small, coastal town (and may be a bit true-to-life).

A.E. studied English and Writing at Hood College, where she earned her B.A., and later studied Fiction Writing at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She resides in Maryland with her husband and son, and when she isn’t writing or singing opera, she spends her time working as a makeup artist, drinking far too much coffee, pretending to be a Cylon, crying when kids mistake her for Elsa from Frozen, and staring at the water by her home in St. Michaels. You can find her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ae_hayes or right here on her website and blog.

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