Choose Your Own Adventure

Villain 10 Digital

Recently, I’ve noticed a meme going around the wonderful world of the Internet that says something like this:

“Here’s something new. Post a GIF about what you think it’s like inside my head.”

I’ve seen this quite a bit now, and the entire thing makes me laugh.

Why? Because for me, with amnesia and DID, it’s a choose your own adventure story.

You know those books – the ones where if you turn to page 53, the adventure goes one way, but if you turn to page 81, the adventure goes another way? That is the inside of my head, 24/7, but add 90 other pages and maybe a really crazy plot twist along the way (“remember, while on your adventure, you’ll be sleeping in the backseat of your car in the parking lot of a WalMart and eating Ramen noodles drenched in Coors Lite!”).

Villain – which will be released in all formats Tuesday the 15 – is not quite that erratic. The benefit to writing is that, while it reflects what is in my brain, no one has to choose the adventure. I’ve spelled it out, and my hope is that you enjoy the ride, or learn from it, or at least gain something from it.

Everyone has been through an adventure in life. I believe this to be true, even if you think your life is utterly boring. I promise it’s not. You choose your own adventure, whether that’s what movie you see, whether to go skydiving or bungee jumping, or if you’ll try out a new, unconventional book.

Villain is new and unconventional.

Give it a try come May 15, and let the world know what good and evil mean to you.


-For more information about Villain and upcoming projects from A.E. Hayes, please watch this space Thursdays at 10 a.m.


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