Release! Quote! Too much punctuation!

Villain Magnet

This has been a frenetic week, so I decided to post a subject line to mirror that. But stick with me. I promise good things.

Villain will officially be released on all platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) on the previously-mentioned date of May 15. In 12 days, you could very well be holding a lovely paper copy of this 206-page collection of essays in your hands. I’d be happy if you did so (and not just for the sales – the support means everything).

HOWEVER – as of right now, Villain is up for pre-release on Amazon – for Kindle only – at the low price of $3.99! 12 days in advance!

Go forth and buy  this harrowing and hilarious collection today!

Pre-orders help authors, so if you have a Kindle (or have the app on your iPad or other device/s), give this villain some love (especially since she will be undergoing a root canal at the time this blog goes live. Look at me, going for the pity right away, haha). If you’re waiting for paper, I’ll make sure to provide the link to all of those sources for purchase on May 15.

And if anyone does place a pre-order for Kindle between now and the 15th, or places an order on the 15th for the paper version, I promise to send you a neat care package of fun goodies. Just email me (or connect with me on Facebook) and I will set you up! I made that promise, and I plan to honor it.

And I promise this collection of essays will keep you intrigued from start to finish. As odd as it may sound, some of the things I read even surprised me… but I guess that comes with the territory of DID and amnesia.


There was a quote I desperately wanted to include in Villain, but I 1) couldn’t find the right place for it and 2) decided it wasn’t needed in the long run. I regret that choice now, but the book is out of my hands. I’ve decided to share that quote here because it means a lot to me:

“God is a force of nature, beyond good and evil. Good and evil, we created those. You wanna break the cycle? Break the cycle of birth? Death? Rebirth? Destruction? Escape? Death? Well, that’s in our hands, in our hands only. It requires that we live in hope, not fear.”

This quote comes from the last episode of my favorite television series, Battlestar Galactica, and it is spoken by the brilliant, pompous, and yet somehow likeable Gaius Baltar. He’s talking to one of the worst beings in existence about the nature of humanity, about how people can get along, and about God or gods – whatever feels right to the person who holds the belief. Baltar has seen angels, he says. But he’s not mad. He’s not insane. And the main idea, he goes on to explain, is that good and evil are just constructs – they are terms we coined. They hold no meaning unless we give them meaning. If we want more? If we want better? Then WE need to put in the effort. Good and evil – those words don’t mean a thing without a background, a story, a reason, or a purpose.

I relate to this quote, and to Baltar’s final speech, so deeply. And as I mentioned, I wanted to include it in the book. But there wasn’t a place for it. It didn’t work. In my head, though, it always works. No matter what you believe, no matter how you feel – good and evil are up for you to determine. I can’t do that. Scripture can’t do that. A dictionary can only tell you so much.

Those words are yours.

How do you define them?

You’ll see how I attempt to when you read Villain.


–For excerpts from Villain, as well as other information, please visit this blog every Thursday at 10 a.m

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