An excerpt from Villain


Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have been working tirelessly on Villain – my upcoming second book, which is a nonfiction collection of essays put together by myself and the alters who reside inside my head – as well as on a short story for an upcoming YA spring anthology and a short story for an upcoming horror anthology. No rest for the weary, but the weary don’t get too much done unless they keep working, do they?

(Also, my laptop – while not as pretty as the typewriter in the above image – functions much more effectively.)

Today, I wanted to share a small excerpt from the introduction of Villain, just to let everyone see a bit of the style and depth that the new book will contain. Again, it is not finished, nor has it been sent to my editor, but I always want to share the little things that I think are important.

And I hope this bit from the intro draws you in:

“We are a household of broken teeth, of shattered mirrors, of decaying pumpkins smashed upon concrete stairs. We are honest to those who seek to manipulate, and liars to those whose mission is to avoid the truth.

We will be with you forever, even when we are gone, because amnesia cannot exist in the written word. The memory will remain. It will come to you in the shaking of the leaves on the tree outside your house, in the whisper you hear in the middle of the night, in a dream from which you cannot wake.

You will have our After. An After was never meant for us – only a Before, when our lives all meshed and became imperfectly functional. Therefore, you will have our After. It will now become your property.

But we will always linger in the periphery.

And we will know.”


Stay tuned on Thursdays for updates, excerpts, and upcoming events such as book signings and appearances!

Have a great week,


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