The official cover for “Shattered”

I have been eagerly waiting for the day that I could share this fantastic cover for my upcoming memoir, “Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac” with you.

Today is that day:

Shattered digital 1600

“Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac” will be released by Terra Publishing, an imprint of Stars and Stone Books, on September 12th, 2017, and will be available for pre-order within the next few days. “Shattered” is the true story of my experiences with retrograde amnesia, as well as how I learned to cope with my new reality. It is honest, raw, and painful. However, there is another component that is explored within this tale: Was the shatter that I experienced due only to the severe brain injury, or was it also caused by something else?

Below, you will find a short excerpt from an early chapter within the book. And every week, beginning June 19th, I will be releasing a fragment – a shattered piece of the memoir itself – on this blog. If you are interested, please make sure to follow this blog, or to check back every Monday up until the release day to see what is in store:

Shattered FB Header

Once again, the pre-order links will be available soon. Many thanks to Terra Publishing, Stars and Stone Books, Carrie Miller for the cover art, and to all of you who have been supporting me through the creation of this painful, wonderful, heartbreaking, insightful, traumatic, hopeful story. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe it’s mine.

But it is. And for those who are interested in what amnesia is really like, as well as other psychological conditions (and who like a story or two about redemption, of course), this book is definitely for you.

Check back on the 19th for the first fragment from “Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac.”

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