When characters come to life…

Crazy Little Spring Called Love

After interrogating our Crazy Little Spring Called Love authors about their writing habits and stories, we asked them to turn the spotlight on their characters. The responses are sometimes straightforward, and sometimes silly, but always entertaining!

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Subjects: Eos and Hermes from Traci Douglass’s story When Hermes Met Eos traci

Question: Do you have any special skills? Describe one.

EOS: Well, besides summoning the dawn each morning, I can down an eggroll in three bites.

HERMES (chuckling): I can attest to that fact. She cleaned off a whole platter before I even… Ow! **rubs arm where Eos poked him** What was that for?

E: A gentleman never discusses a lady’s eating habits.

H: Who said I was a gentleman, darling?

E: **crossing her arms and sighing** Do you have any special skills or not?

H: You’d know better than me… **waggles eyebrows**

E: **rolls eyes** Next question.

Question: What is the one thing you want most? Why do you want it, and what would you do if you got it?

E: Hmm. That’s a good one. Honestly, I have most everything I want now, between my fabulous husband and our gorgeous twins. Maybe a nice spa day… yes, I’d want a spa day, complete with massage and facial and mani-pedi. If I got it, I’d be the happiest girl in Zeus’s realm.

H: I want my new business, Mythic Deliveries, to continue to be successful. And I want my wife to be happy. That’s all. Because she’s made me feel like the luckiest man alive. What more could a guy wan– **speech severed by Eos’s kiss**

Question: Be honest. How do you feel about Love?

E: At first, I thought it wasn’t for me. After all the trouble my sister, Selene, got into I’d sworn never to fall in love. But then I met a certain messenger god and he showed me what love could truly be—a partnership of equals, a support system, a true meeting of the minds. Now, I love Love!

H: **snorts** Yeah, none of that sappy stuff from me. Seriously? I love Love? Who says that? Ow! **scowls as he gets poked again** Okay, fine. Love is great. Love is kind. Love is sometimes a pain in my behind. **pulls Eos onto his lap before she can poke him again** And when I’m with the woman I love, I’m complete.

E: Aw. See that was sweet and sappy and I love you too. **more kissing**

**interview ended to give these two some privacy**


Subjects: Svildna and Tan from L.J. Longo’s story Seaweed and SilkLJ

Question: Do you have any special skills? Describe one.

SVILDNA: Special skills? How should I know– First of all, who the hell wants to know?

TAN: Relax, Seaweed, it’s just the readers.

SVILDNA: I don’t much care for readers asking me silly questions. Special skills? *snorts*

TAN: She’s a water witch and—

SVILDNA: Nothin’ special about that. All merrows can—

TAN: She’s also very pretty.

SVILDNA: No one wants to read your lies and teasing, Tan.

Question: What is the one thing you want most? Why do you want it, and what would you do if you got it?

SVILDNA: These readers think they’re something special, don’t they? “Do you have skills” “What do you want?” Are they trying to hire me for a job, or something? What I want is none of their flipping business.

TAN: You could just tell them about how you wanted money for a better ventilation tube down to your brother’s grotto, so they didn’t have to worry about drowning at the lower level of your village.

SVILDNA: Well, I got that, didn’t I? Even before I started talking to these invisible people. What I want now is… well, I don’t want to tell them what I want. Not with you standing right here.

TAN: What do I have to do with anything, Seaweed?

SVILDNA: Nothing. What’s the next one question?

Question: Be honest. How do you feel about Love?

SVILDNA: Is this one of your pranks, Tan? Who cares about— are these readers the type to just sit on the ice and comb their hair all day? Do they just sing songs to sailors and say “oh look at my pretty seashells” for a living? Damned fools asking about— Love is damned foolish, is what I think.

TAN: I think love is a very good thing and you’re being obstinate.

SVILDNA: Oh, big words from the troll.

Tan: Being made of stone doesn’t make me a troll.

SVILDNA: How come you didn’t answer any of this foolishness?

TAN: I did, in my own way, Seaweed. Now let’s let someone else talk.


Subjects: Janessa and Adam from M.T. DeSantis’s story A Hunt for LoveMT

Question: Do you have any special skills? Describe one.

JANESSA: Well, seeing as I’m a djinn, granting wishes is a skill, and it’s a pretty special one. I don’t want to brag, but over the centuries, I’ve gotten pretty good at what I do. Wish granting is show business. There’s a knack to doing it with style, and I’ve nearly perfected appearing cheerful about granting wishes.

ADAM: I’m a decent gardener. When I was a kid, I’d help my grandmother with her flowers. It gave me something to do. Now that I’m an adult, gardening is a good stress relief.

Question: What is the one thing you want most? Why do you want it, and what would you do if you got it?

JANESSA: Don’t tell anyone, especially any current master I might have. I want freedom. You have no idea what it’s like to be stuck in perpetual darkness most of your existence. I want to be free to walk in the sunshine. If I had that, I’d do everything. I’d see the world. Really, I’d do anything but put myself into a situation where I was at someone’s beck and call 24/7. It’s no way to live.

ADAM: I want to make a difference. There are so many things where I feel like I don’t matter. I’d love to be able to change someone’s life, really have an impact. Even if the person didn’t want anything to do with me afterwards, I’d still help. I just want to know I accomplished something.

Question: Be honest. How do you feel about Love?

JANESSA: I want to believe it’s real, but sometimes, I just can’t. Living in darkness makes everything seem like a dream. It’s hard to believe anything will last when all the light and warmth goes away for hundreds of years at a time. Still, I’m hopeful. I’ll keep believing as much as I can.

ADAM: Love sounds nice, but I don’t know if I believe in it. It sounds too good to be true. If it happens, okay, but I’m not holding my breath.


Subjects: Mariana and Orion from A.E. Hayes’s story A Siren’s Song of SpringMT

Question: Do you have any special skills? Describe one.

MARIANA: I can kill a man with just my voice.

ORION: Thank the gods I talked her out of doing that, though…

MARIANA: No, I decided not to do it. Geez. Way to take credit for my life choices.

ORION: Yeah, yeah. You know you love me.

MARIANA: Hence why you’re still alive. That’s something to keep in mind, my love.

Question: What is the one thing you want most? Why do you want it, and what would you do if you got it?

MARIANA: I gave up a life in which I had basically everything to pursue the one thing I wanted most of all.

ORION: That’s sweet. It’s a pack of lies, but it’s sweet.

MARIANA: Fine, fine. Now that I can do more – human things? I want to do something simple. Sit in a café in Italy and have a coffee with Orion. Watch people – not from a distance, but up close. I want to see how they speak to one another. I want to hear their voices!

ORION: Simple pleasures for a complicated girl.

MARIANA: Woman, Orion. Watch yourself. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve…

Question: Be honest. How do you feel about Love?

MARIANA: It seems instantaneous, but it’s not. You can love someone at face value immediately, but then, you get to know them, and that’s where the real love kicks in.

ORION: Hey. You said you loved me the moment you saw me.

MARIANA: Yeah, but then you began to speak, and I realized how big of a smart-ass you are.

ORION: But that’s why you love me. And why do I love you? Because you are the only person strong enough to dish it back out to me.

MARIANA: Okay, then. I’ll accept that as an answer. Hopefully, that will satisfy these mortals.

ORION: My love? You know that you ARE…

MARIANA:…oh, hush. Let them figure it out. You were the one to call me complicated, after all. So let’s see how complicated I really am based on, shall I say, popular opinion?

ORION: Popular? You’re famous now?

MARIANA: Are you trying to have the last word?

ORION: Yes. Of course.

MARIANA: I won’t stand for that. **kisses him, thus ending his incessant chatter**

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